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Welcome to Woodies

We are the world No1 manufacturer and supplier of Morris Traveller woodwork. We have gained this status and reputation through using only the best materials and always ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

At Woodies we specialise in the Morris Traveller but we can and will fabricate timber frames for all classic cars. We have completed in excess of 600 Morris Travellers over 30 years, as well as many other wood framed classic and vintage vehicles.

Both assembled and unassembled kits are available and a full back up service and instruction leaflets are provided where possible.

Efficient use of timber results in a quality product that is not overpriced. Only the best quality ash is selected from renewable sources allowing excellent colour and grain match.

Kits are exported around the world and a comprehensive kit is available containing everything you need to replace a Traveller woodframe, along with instructions and a full back-up service. Replacing the wood on a traveller is a major undertaking and it is important you check with other restorers, or the Morris Minor Owners Club, that you are buying the right kit. We are confident our timber is the best available but it is good to get it confirmed.

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